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Shenzhen Longkong Intelligent Technology LCD Splicing Screen Project

Release time:2019-08-22


Shenzhen longkong Computer Technology Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research, design and development of computer automatic monitoring system and data center management system. It is the first company to engage in the computer centralized monitoring industry in China. It is also the largest R & D company of computer room centralized monitoring system, computer security centralized monitoring system and data center management system in China.

    Shenzhen longkong Computer Technology Co., Ltd. has strong design and construction ability in automation monitoring engineering, and can provide users with a complete set of solutions. After more than ten years of continuous research, exploration and practice, the company has accumulated rich experience and has become an important partner of IBM, HP, MGE, APC, HIROSS and other enterprises. Longkong's monitoring system is improving day by day. In more than 2000 practical application cases, it has been widely recognized and highly praised by users. It is recognized as the most advanced technology, the most complete function, the most stable operation and the most mature computer monitoring system in the industry.

    Shenzhen huabangying Technology Co., Ltd. combined with the requirements of Shenzhen longkong Co., Ltd. for LCD splicing screen as data monitoring and construction environment, it has created a set of Samsung 46 inch 2 * 2 cabinet type installation mode. In addition, it is equipped with a 21.5 inch "small waist" touch all-in-one machine. The biggest feature of this set of splicing screen is that the data can be real-time allocated, and the screen is 1920 * 1080p high Clear resolution, long-term and close viewing does not stimulate the eyes, and the light is very soft, which is the reason why more and more monitoring centers use LCD splicing screen as the monitoring screen.

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