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Times Group (Foshan Branch) LCD splicing screen project

Release time:2019-12-12

Established in 1984, Times Group Corporation is a high-tech enterprise; it is a high-tech industrial economic entity involved in the five fields of testing instruments, welding equipment, intelligent inverters, power distribution automation, and application software; it is a top 100 high-tech enterprise in China, Excellent enterprise in China's machinery industry. 


Recently, Times Group (Foshan Branch) and Winbond Ying reached a consensus and entrusted their large-screen display projects to Winbond Ying Technology; Winbond also responded immediately and sent people to the project site to conduct data measurement. Observation, etc., based on the actual situation, finally designed multiple sets of project application plans for the selection of relevant persons in charge of the Times Group.


After confirming the signing of the contract, Winbond's installation engineers and Winbond's LCD splicing screens, advertising players and other products also arrived at the project site in time, and began the construction of the LCD splicing screen project; now the project has been successfully completed and passed a series of tests , Put into use normally after acceptance.


The LCD splicing unit used in this project is 55-inch/1.7mm seam, with industrial-grade LCD panel, with industry-leading direct-lit LED backlight, the display screen is high-definition smooth, delicate and separable, vivid and vivid, and color reproduction Very high, it is the best choice for indoor display terminal.


Here, Winbond Technology once again thanks Time Group for its trust and recognition. With the successful conclusion of this project, it shows Winbond has taken another step forward in the field of large display screens; we always adhere to the principle of mutual benefit with customers The business philosophy of win-win and collaborative development will continue to serve everyone. If you have any technical questions or needs about the large display screen, please feel free to visit our official website.

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