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Shanghai Pistachio Network Technology Splicing Screen Project

Release time:2020-05-27

Shanghai Joy Fruit Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2019. Its business scope includes technology development in the fields of network technology, information technology, electronic technology, computer software and hardware, etc. Its self-developed family membership shopping is strictly selected from the camp platform-Kaixin Since the APP was launched, it has been well received by users.14ce36d3d539b60025cf17e0e650352ac65cb767.jpg


At the beginning of the project, Winbond's professional large-screen display program personnel formulated the corresponding large-screen splicing screen program based on the wall data provided by Pistachio Network Technology, the project budget, and the on-site environment.微信图片_202005261334351.jpg
After obtaining the approval of Pistachio Network Technology, Winbond sent professional installation engineers and its splicing screen products to Shanghai at the same time, orderly to complete the construction of the large screen project before the deadline.微信图片_202005261334353.jpg

The LCD splicing unit of this project is HBY-PJ550P-2 (Winbond’s hot-selling 55-inch/1.7mm LCD splicing screen), using Samsung industrial grade original A+ panel, equipped with industry-leading LED backlight, brightness distribution Uniform, high-definition display images are naturally undistorted, and have a better visual experience than traditional large-screen display devices. There will be no image distortion, blur, or ripples, making the meeting smooth and unimpeded.

Detailed project parameters:

Splicing unit HBY-PJ550P Response time 6ms
Splicing seam 1.7mm Operating life 70000h
Splicing specification 3 * 5 / 55 inch Installation mode Embedded
Contrast ratio 4500:1 Brightness 500cd/m²
Resolving power 1920*1080 Contractor Hua Bangying

Now, the project has been successfully completed, and it has been put into use normally after the acceptance of the user’s Pistachio Network Technology. Winbond once again thanked Pistachio Network Technology Co., Ltd. for its trust and support, and sincerely wish your company a prosperous business and prosperity. If you encounter any problems in the later use, please feel free to consult. Winbond will continue to serve you.

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