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Shanghai Guanghua Yongsheng Fire Intelligent System Splicing Screen Project

Release time:2019-08-22




The intelligent fire protection system has the function of automatic alarm in the initial stage of fire, and the alarm in the fire center is attached with a telephone directly to the fire department, automatic fire control cabinet, fire alarm broadcasting system, etc.。

   Once a fire occurs, the intelligent fire protection system can immediately send out an alarm signal on the fire alarm in the area, and at the same time send out an alarm signal on the alarm device of the fire center, and display the location or area code of the fire. The management personnel will immediately activate the fire alarm upon receiving the alarm. Broadcast, organize the safe evacuation of personnel, and activate the fire elevator.

    The alarm linkage signal drives the automatic fire extinguishing control cabinet to work, closes the fire door to close the fire area, and automatically sprays water or extinguishing agent in the fire area to extinguish the fire; activates the fire pump and automatic smoke exhaust device。

    Shenzhen Winbond Technology Co., Ltd. built a set of 2x2 floor stand and LCD splicing screen with monitoring split-screen effect according to the installation monitoring signals and actual installation conditions of Shanghai Guanghua Yongsheng Fire Intelligent System Co., Ltd., using the original imported Samsung LCD panel, distribution of Megmeet power supply and Akihabara wire

    After the installation and commissioning effect is good, the project leader is very satisfied with the engineer's attitude and product quality.

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