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Case of LCD splicing screen project of Yangjiang Judicial Bureau

Release time:2019-08-21

The Judicial Bureau is an important government agency that implements the basic strategy of comprehensively governing the country according to the law, strengthens party leadership legislation, guarantees law enforcement, supports justice, and takes the lead in observing the law. Recently, Yangjiang Judicial Bureau introduced a set of 2*3, 55-inch LCD to Winbond Technology Splicing screen, as a display device in the meeting room, in order to better carry out work meetings.

The large-screen conference system composed of spliced screens can improve the efficiency of work meetings, better implement and implement the central, provincial, and municipal guidelines and policies related to judicial and administrative work; the effective organization and deployment of legal publicity activities can guide, supervise, and supervise the city. Manage the further development of the city’s legal aid work and conduct in-depth discussions.


This LCD splicing screen project uses an industrial-grade LCD panel, equipped with a direct-lit LED backlight, and has an ultra-high resolution of 1920*1080 and a clear contrast of 4500:1, 178° ultra-wide viewing angle, and a high-definition picture. Distortion, saturated and brilliant colors, bright without dim light.

Not only that, it also has an innovative anti-glare screen, which can effectively prevent glare, excellent visual experience, 6ms extremely fast response, refused to procrastinate, more suitable for the high efficiency of the conference system; energy saving, environmental protection, no radiation, long life and other characteristics, Higher cost performance, in line with the development characteristics of the times; support 7*24 hours long-term operation, adapt to various long-term startup environments.

The height of the splicing wall is H=1.51m, L=5.68m. At the request of the Justice Bureau, the splicing screen has a space of about 1m left and right and centered. Finally, a 2*3, 55-inch LCD splicing screen plan was formulated.


The installation method of the splicing screen is a wall-mounted hydraulic front maintenance bracket, which is convenient for maintenance, beautiful and fashionable; during the installation process, make sure that the construction site is clean and free of dust; the floor of the projection unit is flat and firm; the splicing wall can be loaded with a power supply system on site Good, almost three-phase balanced, wiring lines are in order, strong and weak cables are separated by cable troughs.

Finally, it is confirmed that the splicing processor is used for access to meet the needs of the conference system. It supports single-screen and multi-screen splicing display, and can be connected to a variety of signal sources VGA, HDMI, DVI, such as conventional computers, USB, etc.

After the installation of the project, Huabangying professionals conducted commissioning and verification. Finally, the person in charge of the project of the Bureau of Justice conducted an acceptance inspection, which showed that the equipment was put into use normally and the operation was stable and good.


The 55 LCD splicing screen products and installation works of this project were provided and constructed by Winbond Technology Co., Ltd., and were recognized and trusted by the Yangjiang Judicial Bureau afterwards. This also shows that Winbond has gone further and consolidated in the commercial display field. And refresh their position in the industry.

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