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55-inch Mosaic Screen Project of Henan Lushi Chicken Breeding Base

Release time:2019-08-21

Lushi Caiyuan Lushi chicken ecological breeding Co., Ltd. is located in Mingcheng province. It was established in 2015 with a registered capital of 100 million and has more than 61 employees. Lushi Caiyuan Lushi chicken ecological breeding Co., Ltd. takes talents as the core competitiveness as the driving force for enterprise development. At present, more than 74% of the total number of employees have university degree or above.

At present, Lushi vegetable source Lushi chicken ecological breeding Co., Ltd. business network spread, gradually forming a trend of radiation to other provinces and cities in China! We have provided high-quality service for many customers, won the trust and praise of many enterprises, and gradually established a good brand image in the region.

Lushi Caiyuan Lushi chicken ecological breeding Co., Ltd. is highly recognized by the industry for its integrity, strength and product quality.

This time, Shenzhen huabangying Technology Co., Ltd. has built a set of 3x5 wall mounted 55 inch LCD splicing screen display system for Caiyuan Lushi chicken ecological breeding base, using Samsung 3.5mm LCD splicing unit; according to the base environment, due to the need to monitor all angles, it is necessary to split the large screen, equipped with a set of powerful processor, and a 43 inch LCD splicing unit Horizontal touch all-in-one machine is used to control and view the environment and culture of the base in real time。

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Features of 55 inch Samsung 3.5mm LCD splicing screen:

Screen size: 1209.6mm * 680.4mm; bilateral seam: 3.5mm

Brightness: 500 CD / m2; appearance dimension: 1213.5 * 684.2 * 122.0 mm

Contrast: 4500:1; response time: 6ms; resolution: 1920 * 1080

Ultra narrow frame design, perfect visual feast, intelligent split screen, single screen, multi screen arbitrary combination;

Diversified image mosaic display, easy to achieve the whole screen display, combined display, stretching, image roaming and other functions.